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5 reasons why nonprofit
organizations need
E-commerce services

Each year almost 1.54 million nonprofit organizations are registered in the United States. If you are looking to increase your nonprofit organization’s earnings, e-commerce can help you grow in the popularity department and expand your reach.

Digital Fundraising
Techniques for
Nonprofit Associations

In this era of technology, you can see the growing trend of online fund transfer. Whether it is from the website of nonprofits or through emails, we can’t deny the significance of digital fundraising.

How Shopify Facilitates

Nonprofits are looking for ways to enhance their fundraising. Shopify helps them achieve their objective through its dedicated support and personalized plans.

The Benefits of Shopify
for Nonprofits

In America, the nonprofit sector is one of the largest employers. Today, one of the biggest challenges it faces is the increasing number of nonprofit organizations competing for dollars. These organizations are continuously adjusting their priorities and goals to meet the swapping trends.

Specialized Database
Services for Nonprofits

Developing e-stores to fundraise is a novel method opted for by nonprofits. Moreover, the outcome is quite promising.

5 reasons why your
Nonprofit Organization
needs a blog.

Starting a website for your nonprofit is the first step towards digital fundraising. However, you have to overcome a lot of bumps in your path. One of the major complications for nonprofits is introducing changes to their website, such as a blog.

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