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The priority of almost all websites is to get a distinct ranking in SERP. And to their benefit, Google ranks those websites higher that follow the responsive design.
Many responsive website development companies help businesses create and transfer their businesses to such platforms.

Google also introduced Mobile-first indexing that is now the criteria according to which Google ranks the websites. This has caused a significant change in the website industry since one not only needs to have a user-friendly desktop version of a commercial website but also a solid smartphone-compatible design. This also highlights the importance of responsive website design.
Many responsive website development companies help businesses create and transfer their businesses to such platforms.

Some of the main advantages of responsive e-commerce design are given below.
Many responsive website development companies help businesses create and transfer their businesses to such platforms.

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Enhanced Mobile Usage

Nowadays, everyone is on their smartphones, and many apps are being developed daily that provide all the functionalities of a desktop on the phone. Having a website that has a responsive design will appeal to such users and make it easier for people to access them whenever they want.

Enhanced Flexibility

Responsive designs are not only a miracle for users but also for developers. Developers who create a separate website for mobile devices have to manage two websites instead of one. Having one website with an integrated responsive design is much more convenient and flexible. Changes made in the desktop design are automatically applied to the mobile version.

Increased Social Media Interaction

For e-commerce, social media marketing is essential. A business that has not included this strategy in the business plan is missing out on many customers. With responsive design, people from different social media platforms are redirected to the official websites of specific businesses, and responsive design makes it easier for them to surf the websites and get the products they want.

Competitive Advantage

Businesses try their best to exhaust all their options to reach the bigger market. Having a responsive design is one such measure that can bring about a drastic change in your website’s stats. Businesses with responsive designs attract more attention than people who don’t use this method. Responsive design and an easy user interface for a website are huge deciding factors between businesses from the same industry.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is essential if you want your e-commerce website to have a higher rank in the Google recommendations. Since Google considers mobile-first indexing to be an essential factor in rankings, responsive design is crucial.

Our Shopify themes have a very consistent layout and design so that customers don’t feel much of a difference when using the desktop or the mobile version of the website. All of the products can be easily found with fast navigation and search optimization. The images, descriptions, and titles of the products are also clearly displayed and can be zoomed in for a closer view if one wants.

It has been estimated that as of 2019, almost 820,000 businesses use Shopify themes for their businesses. This is because these themes not only support responsive designs, which have helped these businesses reach their potential customers by ranking up in Google recommendations, but also provide ease of use. These numbers continue to increase every day as new businesses emerge and old businesses move towards the digital market.

If you want to use Shopify for your business, you can contact Nevelis. Our primary purpose is to provide support to businesses and nonprofits trying to have an online presence.

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