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Specialized Database Services for Nonprofits

Developing e-stores to fundraise is a novel method opted for by nonprofits. Moreover, the outcome is quite promising.

The volume of funds generated through online campaigns is increasing day by day. It is the reason these charities are working on digital techniques. Since they are not pre-familiar with online trends, nonprofit organizations need guidelines from marketing experts.

Nevelis can help newbie organizations improve their marketing services. Our agency proffers expertise in creating Shopify stores, and our dedicated team can help you achieve your fundraising goals. 

In between the ever-fluctuating trends, Nevelis makes the circumstances predictable. We enhance your visibility, and consequently, increase your donations. You get introduced to a new audience, and your supporters grow. People get to know about the objective of your nonprofit.

Digital fundraising ideas are functional, yet they are not easy to adopt. Aside from this, nonprofit organizations often face numerous challenges due to their digital incompetence.

Because these organizations have been working manually for years, it is hard for them to establish a digital platform.

One of the biggest challenges faced by nonprofit organizations is the management of their database. According to a recent study, only one-fifth of the staff of nonprofits is trained in marketing. These statistics make the gravity of the situation crystal clear. 

When choosing digital fundraising ideas for nonprofits, especially Shopify stores, you need specialized database services. The use of online fundraising methods is frequent, and people are very well aware of its consequences.

Many programs are designed to integrate with Shopify as a provider of specialized database services. Shopify fights the biggest challenge facing nonprofits and makes the marketing process effortless.

Shopify allows the integration of some of the best donor management apps. It helps nonprofits in arranging the necessary information about their supporters.
You can integrate several IT services for Nonprofits with your eCommerce store in Israel. For instance, the following management programs with Shopify are great to bring into use:

  • Fundraise
  • Bloomerang
  • Kindful
  • Aircall
  • Benchmark Email

There are also some other apps; however, these are the most popular/useful. If you are looking for a specialized database service for your nonprofit, here is an ideal choice for you.

Funraise offers advanced donor management tools. It allows you to arrange all your necessary data in one place. You can easily access, edit, and manage the data of your supporters, and unlike a manual database, there is no fear of losing or damaging the data.

You can track the donation history, demographics, contact information, communication, location, and a few other pieces of information about the donors. You can also arrange your supporters in groups to evaluate a collective impact.

One of the biggest challenges of donor-oriented fundraising is the absence of necessary techniques. Funraise is not only helpful for nonprofits; it also benefits your donors. They can track their donations and transactions through a mobile app or free software for Nonprofit Organizations, making the donation process uncomplicated to help financially stabilize Jewish associations, such as study centers, synagogues, and many others.

You can integrate Funraise with Shopify by following some simple steps.

  1. Select Settings by clicking on your profile icon, and go to the Integrations page.
  2. Look for the Shopify integration. Click on the Action Menu and then Edit.
  3. Turn it ON.
  4. Enter your Shopify details and save the details.
  5. A pop-up screen will appear. Verify your Shopify information, and an option will appear, stating Install the unlisted app, click on it.

How does the integration work?

Once you have integrated Funraise with Shopify, it will start collecting data. Whenever an order is placed in your store, the purchaser is enlisted as a supporter in the Funraise database.

Through the profile of your supporter, you can track his information. The side menu of the profile is dedicated to Shopify details. It displays the user ID, purchase amount, and Shopify account link of your supporter.

Funraise deals with the purchasers and the amount of purchase. However, you can track Shopify orders and transactions through this app.

Funraise displays the history, interactions, contact and location information, recurring subscriptions, and other supporter details on its profile.

You can access and manage the profile of your donors by two methods. Either you can search it by name/email in the search bar OR through the list.
The latter method involves the following steps:

  • On the side menu, click on the option displaying Supporters.
  • All the supporters are displayed. You can edit by clicking on the three dots, which is the Actions menu.
  • You can also open the profile by clicking on the name of the supporter.
  • The side menu of the profile displays all the details about your supporter. You can choose to manage any of them.

In this way, these specialized database programs turn the hassle of data collecting into a piece of cake. Due to these facilities, Shopify is the best platform for nonprofits.