A shopify web Shop


A shopify web Shop

Project Brief

We partnered with Damder, an Etrogim distributor, to develop a Shopify web store for their high-quality products.

Our team of Shopify experts started this project from scratch. We needed to ensure Damder becomes a go-to brand in Israel for etrog. For that reason, we started by finalizing the logistics behind the management of importation and authorizations from the Ministry of Health and Agriculture. After setting our goals, we were able to proceed with building a trustworthy brand identity, exceptional user experience, and marketing campaign.


Our Goals

  1. Establish a distribution network in Israel and acquire the necessary authorizations for importation and distribution
  2. Build a trustworthy and authentic brand identity that would cater to the needs of Jewish customers
  3. Develop effective marketing and advertising campaigns to market Damder as the leading Etrogim Shopify store
  4. Create a seamless user experience on Shopify using the power of UX/UI design and website development

Our Plan

The first step of our project was to create a strong brand identity that would perfectly represent the house of Damder and their natural product, Morrocan esrogim. Our designers used their keen eye for detail and extensive knowledge of Jewish customs to produce a logo in Hebrew that would reflect the nature of the Damder business. We chose natural colors and nuances of etrog to create a website experience similar to a walk among the etrog trees. When designing Etrogim packaging boxes, we also took into account the brand identity, Shopify website, and Damder’s business values.

Since we’re a full-service Shopify agency, we helped Damder with SEO, sales, marketing, and advertising. We were in charge of content creation in three languages (English, Hebrew, and French), on-page optimization, creation of meta title URLS with H1 & H2, media sharing images, and other SEO related operations. To ensure Damder becomes a trustworthy source of information for their customers, we created effective email campaigns that would resonate well with the target audience.

With website maintenance and regular updates, we continue to deliver a seamless user experience for Damder’s customers.

If you want to see the final result, head over to the link below.


Do you want to see the final result? Check out the website below.